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     46-11-404. Joinder of offenses and defendants. (1) Two or more offenses or different statements of the same offense may be charged in the same charging document in a separate count, or alternatively, if the offenses charged, whether felonies or misdemeanors or both, are of the same or similar character or are based on the same transactions connected together or constituting parts of a common scheme or plan. Allegations made in one count may be incorporated by reference in another count.
     (2) If two or more charging documents are filed in the case, the court may order them to be consolidated.
     (3) The prosecution is not required to elect between the different offenses set forth in the charging document, and the defendant may be convicted of any number of the offenses charged except as provided in 46-11-410. Each offense of which the defendant is convicted must be stated in the verdict or the finding of the court.
     (4) Two or more defendants may be charged in the same indictment, information, or complaint if they are alleged to have participated in the same transaction constituting an offense or offenses. The defendants may be charged in one or more counts together or separately, and all of the defendants need not be charged in each count.

     History: En. 95-1504 by Sec. 1, Ch. 196, L. 1967; amd. Sec. 19, Ch. 184, L. 1977; R.C.M. 1947, 95-1504(1) thru (4); amd. Sec. 119, Ch. 800, L. 1991.

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