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     46-23-1004. Duties of department. The department is responsible for any investigation and supervision requested by the board or the courts for felony offenders. The department shall:
     (1) divide the state into districts and assign probation and parole officers to serve in these districts and courts;
     (2) obtain any necessary office quarters for the staff in each district;
     (3) assign the secretarial, bookkeeping, and accounting work to the clerical employees, including receipt and disbursement of money;
     (4) direct the work of the probation and parole officers and other employees;
     (5) formulate methods of investigation, supervision, recordkeeping, and reports;
     (6) conduct training courses for the staff;
     (7) cooperate with all agencies, public and private, that are concerned with the treatment or welfare of persons on probation or parole;
     (8) administer the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision; and
     (9) notify the employer of a probationer or parolee if the probationer or parolee has been convicted of an offense involving theft from an employer.

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