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     46-23-1025. Report to and action by board. (1) If the hearings officer determines that there is probable cause to believe that the prisoner has violated a condition of parole, the probation and parole officer shall immediately notify the board and shall submit in writing a report showing in what manner the prisoner has violated the conditions of release. This report must be accompanied by the findings of the hearings officer.
     (2) Upon receipt of a report, the board shall cause the prisoner to be promptly brought before a hearing panel for a hearing on the violation charged under rules that the board may adopt. If the violation is established, the hearing panel may continue or revoke the parole or may enter an order as it sees fit.
     (3) If the prisoner has violated a condition of release requiring the payment of restitution, the supervising parole officer shall notify the victim of the offense prior to the hearing required by 46-23-1024 and give the victim an opportunity to provide written or oral comment.
     (4) If the hearing panel finds that because of circumstances beyond the prisoner's control the prisoner is unable to make the required restitution payments, the hearing panel may not revoke the prisoner's parole for failure to pay restitution. The hearing panel may modify the time or method of making restitution and may extend the restitution schedule, but the schedule may not be extended beyond the period of state supervision over the prisoner.
     (5) If the hearing panel determines that the prisoner has violated the provisions of release, the hearing panel shall determine the amount of time, if any, that will be counted as time served while the prisoner was in violation of the provisions of release.

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