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     46-23-903. Department duties. The department, in consultation with the reentry task force, shall:
     (1) examine and implement programs that will help bring community resources into prisons to support inmate reentry planning and preparation;
     (2) develop partnerships with and contract with community-based organizations that provide needed services to released inmates in areas such as mental health, chemical dependency, employment, housing, health care, faith-based services, parenting, relationship services, and victim impact panels;
     (3) coordinate with community restorative justice programs to ensure that victim concerns and opportunities for restorative justice practices, including restitution, are considered during an offender's reentry; and
     (4) collect data, conduct program evaluation, and develop findings and any recommendations about reentry and recidivism and include this information in an annual report to be made available to the law and justice interim committee provided for in 5-5-226.

     History: En. Sec. 3, Ch. 176, L. 2013.

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