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     47-1-215. Regional offices -- deputy public defenders -- office space. (1) The chief public defender shall hire, assign, and supervise a deputy public defender to manage and supervise each regional office established pursuant to 47-1-104(2).
     (2) Each deputy public defender shall:
     (a) manage and supervise all public defender services provided within the deputy public defender's assigned region;
     (b) establish protocols so that when a court orders the office to assign counsel, the assignment is made promptly to an appropriate public defender and so that a public defender is immediately available when necessary;
     (c) ensure that public defender assignments within the region comply with the provisions of 47-1-202(1)(f);
     (d) hire and supervise the work of regional office personnel as authorized by the chief public defender;
     (e) contract for services as provided in 47-1-216 and authorized by the chief public defender according to the strategic plan approved by the commission;
     (f) keep a record of public defender and associated services and expenses in the region and submit the records to the chief public defender as requested;
     (g) implement the standards and procedures established by the commission and chief public defender for the region;
     (h) maintain a minimum client caseload as determined by the chief public defender; and
     (i) perform all other duties as assigned by the chief public defender.
     (3) Expenses for office space required for regional offices, including rent, utilities, and maintenance, must be paid by the office and may not be considered a county or city obligation.

     History: En. Sec. 11, Ch. 449, L. 2005; amd. Sec. 10, Ch. 344, L. 2011.

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