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     49-2-311. Reinstatement to job following pregnancy-related leave of absence. Upon signifying an intent to return at the end of a pregnancy-related leave of absence, the employee must be reinstated to the employee's original job or to an equivalent position with equivalent pay and accumulated seniority, retirement, fringe benefits, and other service credits unless, in the case of a private employer, the employer's circumstances have so changed as to make it impossible or unreasonable to do so.

     History: En. 41-2602 by Sec. 2, Ch. 320, L. 1975; R.C.M. 1947, 41-2602(2); MCA 1981, 39-7-204; redes. 49-2-311 by Sec. 2, Ch. 285, L. 1983; amd. Sec. 1801, Ch. 56, L. 2009.

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