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     5-11-203. Distribution of session laws -- examination of journals. (1) Immediately after the session laws are published, the legislative services division shall distribute them.
     (2) The legislative services division shall make the house and senate journals available for examination or copying by the public as provided in Title 2, chapter 6, part 10. The legislative services division may publish the journals in an electronic format.
     (3) The following entities may receive the number of copies of session laws listed at no cost:
     (a) to the library of congress, eight copies;
     (b) to the state library, two copies;
     (c) to the state historical library, two copies;
     (d) to the state law librarian, four copies for the use of the library and additional copies as may be required for exchange with libraries and institutions maintained by other states and territories and public libraries;
     (e) to the library of each custodial institution, one copy;
     (f) to each Montana member of congress, each United States district judge in Montana, each of the judges of the state supreme and district courts, and each of the state officers as defined in 2-2-102, one copy;
     (g) to any agency, board, commission, or office of the state, other than a state officer, and to any other subdivision of the state upon request and approval by the legislative council, one copy;
     (h) to each member of the legislature, the secretary of the senate, and the chief clerk of the house of representatives from the session at which the laws were adopted, one copy;
     (i) to each of the community college districts of the state, as defined in 20-15-101, and each unit of the Montana university system, one copy;
     (j) to each county clerk, one copy for the use of the county; and
     (k) to each county attorney and to each clerk of a district court, one copy.

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