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     5-13-402. Audit costs. (1) Prior to July 1 of each even-numbered year, the legislative auditor shall advise each agency and the budget director of the estimated audit costs for the following biennium. Each agency shall include the estimated audit costs in its proposed budget submitted to the budget director pursuant to 17-7-112. The budget director shall notify the legislative auditor if the executive budget recommendation to the legislature for audit costs differs from that proposed by the legislative auditor.
     (2) Not later than 60 days after adjournment of each legislature, the budget director shall provide to the legislative auditor a schedule reflecting, by fund, amounts appropriated to each agency for audit costs.
     (3) The legislative auditor shall bill agencies for audit services that the legislative auditor considers necessary. The legislative auditor may not bill an agency for audit services in excess of amounts appropriated for audit services. Additional audit-related services may be provided by the legislative auditor at a cost agreed to by an agency and billed to the agency.

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 24, L. 1981; amd. Sec. 257, Ch. 61, L. 2007.

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