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     50-16-104. Information on shaken baby syndrome -- distribution. A copy of the shaken baby syndrome educational materials developed under 50-16-103 must be distributed in the following manner:
     (1) by childbirth educators and staff of pediatric physicians' offices and obstetricians' offices to an expectant parent who uses the services of the educators or physicians;
     (2) by a hospital in which a child is born to the child's parent before the child is discharged from the facility;
     (3) by service providers under the MIAMI project, provided for in 50-19-311, to a child's parent during visits conducted in accordance with that project;
     (4) by each child-care facility operating in this state to each of its employees; and
     (5) by groups or entities that offer classes for babysitters.

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 365, L. 2009.

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