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     53-24-207. Comprehensive program for treatment. (1) The department shall establish a comprehensive and coordinated program for the treatment of chemically dependent persons, intoxicated persons, and family members.
     (2) The program must include:
     (a) emergency treatment provided by a facility affiliated with or part of the medical service of a general hospital;
     (b) inpatient treatment;
     (c) intermediate treatment;
     (d) outpatient treatment; and
     (e) followup services.
     (3) The department shall provide for adequate and appropriate treatment for alcoholics and intoxicated persons admitted under 53-24-301 through 53-24-303.
     (4) All appropriate public and private resources must be coordinated with and used in the program if possible.
     (5) The department shall prepare, publish, and distribute annually a list of all approved public and private treatment facilities.

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