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     61-3-414. Special motorcycle license plates for military personnel, veterans, and spouses -- department to design -- fees -- disposition. (1) The department shall design and issue motorcycle license plates for all special military and veteran license plates provided for in 61-3-458(2)(d) and (3).
     (2) A person requesting a special military or veteran motorcycle license plate under this section:
     (a) is subject to the eligibility requirements for the license plate as provided in 61-3-458; and
     (b) shall pay to the county treasurer or an authorized agent:
     (i) an administrative fee of $5 upon issuance of the motorcycle license plate, to be deposited in the county general fund;
     (ii) a $5 license plate fee, to be deposited in the state general fund; and
     (iii) a $10 veterans' cemetery fee, to be deposited as provided in 61-3-459(2).
     (3) Upon request, after paying the fees imposed under subsection (2)(b) and any applicable vehicle registration fees under this chapter, the surviving spouse of an eligible veteran, if the spouse has not remarried, may retain the special license plates issued to the deceased veteran, subject to the eligibility requirements for the plate as provided in 61-3-458(4).

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 337, L. 2009; amd. Sec. 9, Ch. 196, L. 2013.

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