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     61-4-310. Single movement permit -- fee -- limitation -- county treasurer to issue. (1) A vehicle subject to registration under chapter 3 may be moved unladen upon the highways of this state from a point within the state to a point of destination. The county treasurer at the point of the origin of the movement shall issue a special permit for the vehicle in lieu of fees required under 61-3-321 and part 2 of chapter 10 of this title upon application presented to the county treasurer in a form provided by the department, upon exhibiting to the county treasurer proof of ownership and evidence that the personal property taxes or fees in lieu of property tax on the vehicle, if any are due, have been paid, and upon payment of a fee of $5. The fee must be forwarded to the department of revenue for deposit in the state general fund. The permit is not in lieu of fees and permits required under 61-4-301 and 61-4-302.
     (2) The permit is for the transit of the vehicle only, and the vehicle may not at the time of the transit be used for the transportation of any persons, except the driver, or any property for compensation or otherwise and is for one transit only between the points of origin and destination as set forth in the application and shown on the permit.
     (3) A junk vehicle being driven or towed to a motor vehicle wrecking facility or a motor vehicle graveyard for disposal is exempt from the provisions of this section. The definitions in 75-10-501 apply to this subsection.
     (4) A manufactured home, mobile home, or housetrailer may be moved unladen upon the highways of this state from a point within the state to a point of destination only if a tax-paid receipt authorizing the move has been issued under 15-24-206.

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