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     61-8-902. Purpose. The legislature recognizes that:
     (1) wrecked, disabled, and abandoned motor vehicles on the public roadways create hazards that imperil lives and property and require expeditious removal;
     (2) officers investigating accidents on the public roadways need immediately available towing and recovery vehicles staffed by competent operators and adequately equipped to clear the roadways and remove hazardous obstructions with minimum damage to property;
     (3) certain standards and classifications are needed for professional tow trucks and equipment used for towing and recovering wrecked, disabled, and abandoned motor vehicles or other objects creating hazards on the public roadways;
     (4) encouragement of a competitive and qualified professional towing industry requires establishment of a uniform and equitable qualification system based on the equipment and the standards provided in 61-8-905 through 61-8-907 and a system for the fair consideration of all qualified tow truck companies; and
     (5) the use of nonqualified tow truck companies or private motor vehicles to tow or recover for hire wrecked, disabled, or abandoned vehicles creates additional hazards and, except in limited situations, should be prohibited. However, when a person or tow truck company responds in good faith to life-threatening emergency situations, it should not be liable for civil damages for acts or omissions, other than damages occasioned by gross negligence or by willful or wanton acts or omissions.

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 283, L. 1995.

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