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     7-1-2105. Finding -- contract authority. (1) Pursuant to Article XI, section 6, of the Montana constitution, a local government unit adopting a self-government charter may exercise any power not prohibited by the constitution, law, or charter.
     (2) Article XI, section 4, of the Montana constitution provides that a local government unit without self-government powers has powers provided or implied by law and that the powers of incorporated cities and towns and counties must be liberally construed.
     (3) Section 7-1-2101 states that a county has the powers specified in this title or in special statutes and has powers that are necessarily implied from those expressed powers.
     (4) Section 7-1-2103 states that a county has the power to make contracts that may be necessary to the exercise of its powers.
     (5) Section 7-1-2104 states that a county's powers can only be exercised by the board of county commissioners or by agents and officers acting under their authority or authority of law.
     (6) Therefore, the legislature finds that it is within a county's contract authority to enter into any contract necessary for the exercise of its power, including but not limited to a contract for reimbursement that may require that the county be reimbursed for the cost of basic course training if an employee leaves employment before completing a reasonable period of service.

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 198, L. 2005.

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