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     7-11-1102. Services that may be provided. (1) A multijurisdictional service district may provide only those services that are authorized to be provided by local governments.
     (2) The services that a multijurisdictional service district may provide are:
     (a) recreation programs other than park and recreation programs in a county park district established under Title 7, chapter 11, part 10;
     (b) road, street, and highway maintenance;
     (c) libraries;
     (d) jails;
     (e) dog control programs;
     (f) ambulance service;
     (g) dispatch service;
     (h) protection of human health and the environment, including scenic concerns and recreational activities for areas requiring or involving environmental reclamation;
     (i) health services and health department functions; and
     (j) maintenance or provision of any public infrastructure facility, project, or service.

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