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     7-3-1222. Procedure to enact ordinances and resolutions. (1) Ordinances and resolutions must be introduced in the commission only in written or printed form. All ordinances or resolutions, except ordinances making appropriations, must be confined to one subject, which must be clearly expressed in the title, except as provided in 7-3-1226. Ordinances making appropriations must be confined to the subject of appropriations. An ordinance may not be passed until it has been read on 3 separate days, unless the requirement of reading on 3 separate days has been dispensed with by a vote of not less than two-thirds of the members of the commission. The final reading must be in full unless a written or printed copy of the measure has been furnished to each member of the commission prior to final reading.
     (2) The enacting clause of all ordinances passed by the commission must be: "Be it ordained by the city and county of ________", and the enacting clause of all ordinances submitted by the initiative must be: "Be it ordained by the people of the city and county of _______".
     (3) An ordinance, resolution, or section of an ordinance or resolution may not be revised or amended unless the new ordinance or resolution contains the entire ordinance, resolution, or section of the ordinance or resolution as revised or amended.
     (4) Every ordinance or resolution, upon its final passage, must be recorded in a book kept for that purpose and must be authenticated by the signatures of the president and clerk. Within 10 days after its final passage, each ordinance or resolution must be published at least once in the manner that the commission may provide by ordinance.
     (5) Initiated ordinances adopted by the electors must be published and may be amended or repealed by the commission, as in the case of other ordinances.
     (6) (a) A consolidated government may adopt, for the portion of the consolidated government that was formerly a city or town, a plan to control, remove, and restrict game animals, as defined in 87-2-101, within the boundaries that are within the city or town limits for public health and safety purposes. Upon adoption of a plan, the consolidated government shall notify the department of fish, wildlife, and parks of the plan. If the department of fish, wildlife, and parks approves the plan or approves the plan with conditions, the consolidated government may implement the plan as approved or as approved with conditions.
     (b) The plan may allow the hunting of game animals and provide restrictions on the feeding of game animals.

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