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     7-5-2111. Control of community decay. (1) The governing body of a county may regulate, control, and prohibit conditions that contribute to community decay on or adjacent to any public roadway within the county by adoption of an ordinance that substantially complies with the provisions of 7-5-103 through 7-5-107.
     (2) An ordinance adopted under subsection (1) may include time limits for removal or shielding of such conditions as considered appropriate by the governing body.
     (3) Nothing in this section restricts the governing body from enacting community decay controls affecting only portions of the county.
     (4) Nothing in this section or 7-5-2110 may be construed to abrogate or affect the provisions of any lawful ordinance, regulation, or resolution that is more restrictive than the provisions of this section or 7-5-2110.
     (5) For the purposes of enforcing an ordinance adopted under subsection (1), the county governing body may provide that, after giving due notice, in writing, of violation and upon the failure of the property owner to comply with the ordinance, officers and employees of the county may enter upon the property for the specific purpose of abating the violation of the ordinance and may assess the property owner for the actual costs for the abatement. Nonpayment of such an assessment becomes a lien upon the property and is enforceable in the same manner as the nonpayment of property taxes is enforced.

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 411, L. 1985.

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