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     75-10-733. Voluntary cleanup plan and reimbursement of remedial action costs. (1) Any person may submit an application for the approval of a voluntary cleanup plan to the department under the provisions of this section.
     (2) A voluntary cleanup plan must include:
     (a) an environmental assessment of the facility that includes the information required in 75-10-734;
     (b) a remediation proposal that includes the information required in 75-10-734 and that meets the requirements of 75-10-721; and
     (c) the written consent of current owners of the facility or property to both the implementation of the voluntary cleanup plan and access to the facility by the applicant and its agents and the department.
     (3) (a) The applicant shall reimburse the department for any remedial action costs that the state incurs in the review and oversight of a voluntary cleanup plan.
     (b) If the applicant does not reimburse the department for its remedial action costs in the time required under 75-10-722, the department may discontinue the review or approval process of the voluntary cleanup plan or void its approval of the voluntary cleanup plan. The department may also take action to recover its outstanding costs.
     (4) The department may approve a voluntary cleanup plan that provides for phases of remediation or that addresses only a portion of the facility. To the extent that the original environmental assessment required under 75-10-734 addresses subsequent phases of remediation, the applicant may rely on that assessment when submitting voluntary cleanup plans for subsequent phases of remediation.

     History: En. Sec. 7, Ch. 584, L. 1995; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 117, L. 2009.

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