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     75-6-104. Duties of department. The department shall:
     (1) upon its own initiative or complaint to the department, to the mayor or health officer of a municipality, or to the managing board or officer of a public institution, make an investigation of alleged pollution of a water supply system and, if required, prohibit the continuance of the pollution by ordering removal of the cause of pollution;
     (2) have waters examined to determine their quality and the possibility that they may endanger public health;
     (3) consult and advise authorities of cities and towns and persons having or about to construct systems for water supply, drainage, wastewater, and sewage as to the most appropriate source of water supply and the best method of ensuring its quality;
     (4) advise persons as to the best method of treating and disposing of their drainage, sewage, or wastewater with reference to the existing and future needs of other persons and to prevent pollution;
     (5) consult with persons engaged in or intending to engage in manufacturing or other business whose drainage or sewage may tend to pollute waters as to the best method of preventing pollution;
     (6) collect fees, as described in 75-6-108, for services and deposit the fees collected in the public drinking water special revenue fund established in 75-6-115;
     (7) establish and maintain experiment stations and conduct experiments to study the best methods of treating water, drainage, wastewater, and sewage to prevent pollution, including investigation of methods used in other states;
     (8) enter on premises at reasonable times to determine sources of pollution or danger to water supply systems and whether rules and standards of the board are being obeyed;
     (9) enforce and administer the provisions of this part;
     (10) establish a plan for the provision of safe drinking water under emergency circumstances;
     (11) maintain an inventory of public water supply systems and establish a program for conducting sanitary surveys; and
     (12) enter into agreements with local boards of health whenever appropriate for the performance of surveys and inspections under the provisions of this part.

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