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     76-15-1012. Terms and extensions. (1) Prior to the issuance, extension, or renewal of a contract, it must be determined that:
     (a) estimated requirements cover the period of the contract and are reasonably firm and continuing; and
     (b) the contract will serve the best interests of the conservation district by encouraging effective competition or otherwise promoting economies in conservation district procurement.
     (2) A contract may not be made for a period of more than 7 years.
     (3) A contract may be extended or renewed if:
     (a) the terms of the extension or renewal, if any, are included in the solicitation;
     (b) funds are available for the first fiscal period at the time of the agreement; and
     (c) the total contract period, including any extension or renewal, does not exceed 7 years.
     (4) Payment and performance obligations for succeeding fiscal periods are subject to the availability and appropriation of funds for the fiscal periods.
     (5) If funds are not available to support continuation of performance in a subsequent fiscal period, the contract must be canceled.

     History: En. Sec. 6, Ch. 155, L. 2015.

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