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     76-2-102. Organization and operation of commission. (1) The planning and zoning commission consists of three county commissioners, either the county surveyor or the county clerk and recorder, two citizen members, each of whom resides in a different planning and zoning district or, if only one district exists in a county or is proposed, both from that district, and a county official appointed by the county commissioners. The citizen members must be appointed by the board of county commissioners to 2-year staggered terms, with one member initially appointed to a 2-year term and the remaining member initially appointed to a 1-year term. Members of the commission shall serve without compensation other than reimbursement for authorized expenses and must be residents of the county in which they serve.
     (2) The commission may appoint necessary employees and fix their compensation with the approval of the board of county commissioners, select a presiding officer to serve for 1 year, appoint a secretary to keep permanent and complete records of its proceedings, and adopt rules governing the transaction of its business.
     (3) Subject to 15-10-420, the finances necessary for the transaction of the planning and zoning commission's business and to pay the expenses of the employees and justified expenses of the commission's members must be paid from a levy on the taxable value of all taxable property within the district.

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