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     76-4-121. Restrictions on subdivision activities. A person may not dispose of any lot within a subdivision, erect any facility for the supply of water or disposal of sewage or solid waste, erect any building or shelter in a subdivision that requires facilities for the supply of water or disposal of sewage or solid waste, or occupy any permanent buildings in a subdivision until:
     (1) a certificate of subdivision approval has been issued pursuant to 76-4-125 indicating that the reviewing authority has approved the subdivision application and that the subdivision is not subject to a sanitary restriction;
     (2) the governing body has provided certification pursuant to 76-4-127 that the subdivision is within a jurisdictional area that has adopted a growth policy pursuant to chapter 1 of this title or within a first-class or second-class municipality, as described in 7-1-4111, and will be provided with adequate municipal facilities and adequate storm water drainage; or
     (3) the subdivision is otherwise exempt from review under 76-4-125.

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