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     87-5-708. Classification review committee -- composition, appointment, and duties. (1) The director shall appoint a classification review committee whose duty is to advise the commission regarding the importation, possession, and sale of exotic wildlife, including recommendations on animals to be placed on the noncontrolled, controlled, or prohibited exotic wildlife list.
     (2) The classification review committee is composed of at least one representative from:
     (a) the department;
     (b) the department of public health and human services;
     (c) the department of livestock;
     (d) the department of agriculture;
     (e) a business that breeds or exhibits exotic wildlife; and
     (f) the general public who has an interest in fish or wildlife.
     (3) Members of the classification review committee are not entitled to compensation or travel expenses as provided in 2-15-122.

     History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 536, L. 2003.

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