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     90-1-160. Purpose. The purposes of 90-1-160 through 90-1-164 and 90-1-167 through 90-1-169 are to:
     (1) assist the state and local governments in identifying, protecting, and promoting heritage and cultural tourism resources;
     (2) further support local preservation programs and encourage participation in the Montana historical society Montana-certified local government program, provided for in 90-1-168;
     (3) enhance the ability of localities and agencies to exhibit and advertise the heritage and cultural tourism resources of the state;
     (4) stimulate business investment, assist in retaining existing small businesses, and promote new businesses related to heritage and cultural tourism;
     (5) strengthen the local tax base;
     (6) create employment opportunities for the people of the state; and
     (7) generally enhance the economic viability of communities and regions of the state.

     History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 217, L. 2007.

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