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     90-7-102. Definitions. As used in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions apply:
     (1) "Authority" means the Montana facility finance authority created in 2-15-1815.
     (2) "Capital reserve account" means the account established in 90-7-317.
     (3) "Costs" means costs allowed under 90-7-103.
     (4) "Eligible facility" means any eligible facility as defined in 90-7-104.
     (5) (a) "Institution" means any public or private:
     (i) nonprofit hospital, corporation, or other organization authorized to provide or operate an eligible facility in this state;
     (ii) nonprofit prerelease center, corporation, or other organization authorized to operate a prerelease center in this state; or
     (iii) for-profit or nonprofit corporation or other organization authorized to provide for or to operate a project or a facility with qualified small issue bond financing pursuant to section 144(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. 144(a).
     (b) The term also includes the following, provided that the entity is a nonprofit entity or is controlled by one or more nonprofit entities:
     (i) a network of health care providers, regardless of how it is organized;
     (ii) an integrated health care delivery system;
     (iii) a joint venture or partnership between or among health care providers;
     (iv) a purchasing alliance composed of health care providers;
     (v) any health insurers and third-party administrators that are participants in a system, network, joint venture, or partnership that provides health services through one or more health facilities.
     (6) "Participating institution" means an institution that undertakes the financing, refunding, or refinancing of obligations on the construction or acquisition of an eligible facility pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
     (7) "Revenue" means, with respect to eligible facilities, the rents, fees, charges, interest, principal repayments, and other income received or to be received by the authority from any source on account of the eligible facilities.

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