Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Audits of Political Subdivisions

Filing Of Audit Report And Financial Report

2-7-514. Filing of audit report and financial report. (1) Completed audit reports must be filed with the department. Completed financial reports must be filed with the department as provided in 2-7-503(1). The state superintendent of public instruction shall file with the department a list of school districts subject to audit under 2-7-503(3). The list must be filed with the department within 6 months after the close of the fiscal year.

(2) At the time that the financial report is filed or, in the case of a school district, when the audit report is filed with the department, the local government entity shall pay to the department a filing fee. The department shall charge a filing fee to any local government entity required to have an audit under 2-7-503, which fee must be based upon the costs incurred by the department in the administration of this part. Notwithstanding the provisions of 20-9-343, the filing fees for school districts required by this section must be paid by the office of public instruction. The department shall adopt the fee schedule by rule based upon the local government entities' revenue amounts, except that a local government meeting the requirements of 2-7-503(3)(b) shall pay only the administrative fee set by the department in rule.

(3) Copies of the completed audit and financial reports must be made available by the department and the local government entity for public inspection during regular office hours.

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