Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 29. Office of County Coroner

Vacancy In Office Of County Coroner Or Disqualification Of Coroner

7-4-2902. Vacancy in office of county coroner or disqualification of coroner. (1) The coroner, or the board of county commissioners if the coroner is unable or refuses to act, shall request the coroner or a qualified deputy coroner of another county to be acting county coroner if the coroner:

(a) is absent or unable to attend to duties or if the office of coroner is vacant and there are no qualified deputies available;

(b) is related to the deceased;

(c) is a potential party in an action concerning the death or the coroner's inquiry into the death may pose a conflict of interest;

(d) has not successfully completed the basic coroner course required in 7-4-2905 and there are no qualified deputies available; or

(e) is disqualified under the provisions of 46-4-201.

(2) The salary of and expenses incurred by an acting coroner on behalf of a requesting county are an allowable charge against the requesting county.

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