Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Administration

Powers And Duties Of Commission

23-7-202. Powers and duties of commission. The commission shall:

(1) establish and operate a state lottery;

(2) determine policies for the operation of the state lottery, supervise the director and the staff, and meet with the director at least once every 3 months to make and consider recommendations, set policies, determine types and forms of lottery and sports wagering games to be operated by the state lottery, and transact other necessary business;

(3) maximize the net revenue paid to the state general fund and to the Montana STEM scholarship program special revenue account under 23-7-402 and ensure that all policies and rules adopted further revenue maximization;

(4) subject to 23-7-402(1), determine the percentage of the money paid for tickets, chances, wagers, or bets to be paid out as prizes;

(5) determine the price of each ticket, chance, wager, or bet and the number and size of prizes;

(6) provide for the conduct of drawings of winners of lottery games and sports wagering;

(7) carry out, with the director, a continuing study of the state lottery in Montana and other states' lotteries and sports wagering operations to make the state lottery more efficient, profitable, and secure from violations of the law;

(8) study and may enter into agreements with:

(a) other lottery states and countries to offer lottery games; or

(b) an association for the purpose of participating in multistate lottery games or games offered in other states and other countries;

(9) prepare quarterly and annual reports on all aspects of the operation of the state lottery, including but not limited to types of games, gross revenue, prize money paid, operating expenses, net revenue to the state, contracts with gaming suppliers, and recommendations for changes to this part, and deliver a copy of each report to the governor, the department of administration, the legislative auditor, and to the legislature in accordance with 5-11-210; and

(10) adopt rules relating to lottery and sports wagering and sales agents' commissions and any other rules necessary to carry out this part, including but not limited to:

(a) acceptance of wagers on a sports event or a series of sports events;

(b) the type of wagering tickets that may be used;

(c) method of issuing tickets;

(d) method of accounting and associated reporting minimums to be used by sales agent;

(e) sales agent licensing requirements and prohibitions;

(f) method of age verification;

(g) player exclusion requirements;

(h) protections for an individual placing a wager;

(i) contribution and participation in responsible gaming and consumer protection activities and programs; and

(j) ensuring game integrity through monitoring and reporting of suspicious betting activity and equipment tampering.

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