Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Tax On Fire Insurance Premiums

50-3-109. Tax on fire insurance premiums. (1) Each insurer authorized to effect insurance on risks enumerated in subsection (2) that is doing business in this state shall pay to the state auditor during the month of February or March in each year, in addition to the taxes on premiums required by law to be paid by it, taxes on the fire portion of the direct premiums on the enumerated risks received during the previous calendar year after deducting cancellations and return premiums. A tax of 2 1/2% must be deposited in the general fund as provided in 33-2-708.

(2) The risks referred to in subsection (1) are:

(a) insurance of houses, buildings, and all other kinds of property against loss or damage by fire or other casualty;

(b) all kinds of insurance on goods, merchandise, or other property in the course of transportation, whether by land, water, or air;

(c) insurance against loss or damage to motor vehicles resulting from accident, collision, or marine and inland navigation and transportation perils;

(d) insurance of growing crops against loss or damage resulting from hail or the elements;

(e) insurance against loss or damage by water to any goods or premises arising from the breakage or leakage of sprinklers, pumps, or other apparatus;

(f) insurance against loss or legal liability for loss because of damage to property caused by the use of teams or vehicles, whether by accident or collision or by explosion of any engine, tank, boiler, pipe, or tire of any vehicle; and

(g) insurance against theft of the whole or any part of a vehicle.

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