Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Regulation of Sales, Installation, and Servicing

License And Endorsements Required

50-39-101. License and endorsements required. (1) A person or entity shall obtain a license from the department of labor and industry before engaging in the business of servicing fire extinguishers or before engaging in the business of selling, servicing, or installing fire alarm systems, special agent fire suppression systems, or fire extinguishing systems. Each individual, except an apprentice, employed by the licensee to perform services under the license shall obtain from the department an endorsement to sell, service, or install:

(a) fire alarm systems;

(b) special agent fire suppression systems; or

(c) fire extinguishing systems.

(2) The license and endorsement or endorsements must be prominently displayed at the business premises, and copies must be carried by the person conducting each installation or servicing and must be shown to anyone who requests to see them.

(3) It is a misdemeanor to knowingly or purposely service a fire extinguisher or sell, service, or install a fire alarm system, special agent fire suppression system, or fire extinguishing system without the required license and endorsement.

(4) This chapter may not be construed to prohibit a licensed electrician, practicing within the scope of practice of electricians, as provided in Title 37, chapter 68, from installing components of fire protection equipment if the installation is inspected and approved by an individual endorsed to sell, service, or install fire protection equipment.

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