Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Regulation of Sales, Installation, and Servicing

Application For License And Endorsements

50-39-102. Application for license and endorsements. (1) An application for a license and any endorsements must be made on a form prescribed by the department of labor and industry.

(2) The department shall issue a license and endorsement to an applicant who:

(a) submits satisfactory proof that the applicant is properly equipped and staffed to provide the sales or services to be licensed and endorsed; and

(b) submits satisfactory proof that the applicant is insured to engage in the business covered by the license and endorsement or endorsements.

(3) The department shall:

(a) issue an endorsement to an applicant who scores a passing grade on an examination devised or approved by the department;

(b) issue an endorsement to an applicant who has been issued a letter of certification, specific to the endorsement being sought, from any national testing agency approved by the department; and

(c) renew the endorsement at the time intervals prescribed by the department and upon payment of the endorsement fee and submission of satisfactory proof that the endorsee has completed continuing education, training, or testing required by the department.

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