Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Plumbing Installations

Exceptions To Permit Requirement

50-60-506. Exceptions to permit requirement. (1) A permit is not required for any minor replacement or repair work, the performance of which does not have a significant potential for creating a condition hazardous to public health and safety.

(2) A permit is not required where the installation is exempt under the provisions of 37-69-102 or 50-60-503.

(3) A state permit is not required whenever the installation occurs in an area governed by a county, city, or town and where there is in effect a county, city, or town building code that covers plumbing installations and that provides inspection procedures.

(4) This part does not prohibit the owner of residential property from making an installation for all sanitary plumbing and potable water supply piping without a permit if the owner personally does the work.

(5) The provisions of this part do not apply to regularly employed maintenance personnel doing maintenance work on the business premises of their employer unless the work is subject to the permit provisions of this part.

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