Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licenses

Exceptions To Requirements For Engineer's License

50-74-305. Exceptions to requirements for engineer's license. Allowable exceptions or variances to the minimum requirements set out in 50-74-304 are as follows:

(1) An applicant for an engineer's license in any classification who holds a valid license in that classification from another state having licensing requirements equal to or exceeding the minimum requirements set out in 50-74-304, who successfully passes a written examination prescribed by the department, and who is found competent to operate a boiler and steam-driven machinery in that classification by the department must be granted a license in that classification.

(2) Operating experience in a classification accumulated in the United States military services or the merchant marine service satisfactory to the department may be accepted in lieu of the operating experience required for licensing of engineers in each of the license classifications.

(3) An applicant who has training in the operation of steam or water boilers and steam machinery and who has been certified as having satisfactorily completed a prescribed training course from a department-approved institution or training program in the classification for which the applicant is applying may, pursuant to department rule, be credited with experience toward a first-, second-, or third-class or low-pressure engineer's license.

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