Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. Submission and Processing of Petitions

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13-27-301. Submission of petition sheets -- withdrawal of signatures.
13-27-302. Certification of signatures.
13-27-303. Verification of signatures by county official -- allocating voters following reapportionment -- duplicate signatures.
13-27-304. County official to forward verified sheets.
13-27-305. Retention of copies by county official.
13-27-306. Challenge to signatures by elector of county.
13-27-307. Consideration and tabulation of signatures by secretary of state.
13-27-308. Certification of petition to governor.
13-27-309. Repealed.
13-27-310. Repealed.
13-27-311. Publication of proposed constitutional amendments.
13-27-312. Review of proposed ballot issue and statements by attorney general -- preparation of fiscal note.
13-27-313. Repealed.
13-27-314. Repealed.
13-27-315. Statements by attorney general on issues referred by legislature.
13-27-316. Court review of attorney general opinion or approved petitioner statements.
13-27-317. Contest of ballot issue petitions.