Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Campaign Finance

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13-37-201. Campaign treasurer.
13-37-202. Deputy campaign treasurers.
13-37-203. Qualifications of campaign and deputy campaign treasurers.
13-37-204. Removal of campaign and deputy campaign treasurers.
13-37-205. Campaign depositories.
13-37-206. Exception for certain school districts and certain special districts.
13-37-207. Deposit of contributions -- statement of campaign treasurer.
13-37-208. Treasurer to keep records.
13-37-209. Inspection of records.
13-37-210. Naming and labeling of political committees.
13-37-211. through reserved.
13-37-215. Petty cash funds allowed.
13-37-216. Limitations on contributions -- adjustment.
13-37-217. Contributions in name of undisclosed principal.
13-37-218. Limitations on receipts from political committees.
13-37-219. Limitations on contributions to candidate when office sought is not known.
13-37-220. through reserved.
13-37-225. Reports of contributions and expenditures required.
13-37-226. Time for filing reports.
13-37-227. Comprehensive report when several candidates or issues involved.
13-37-228. Time periods covered by reports.
13-37-229. Disclosure requirements for candidates, ballot issue committees, political party committees, and independent committees.
13-37-230. Repealed.
13-37-231. Reports to be certified as true, complete, and correct.
13-37-232. Disclosure requirements for incidental committees.
13-37-233. Reports to be filed regardless of tax status.
13-37-234. through reserved.
13-37-240. Surplus campaign funds.
13-37-241. through reserved.
13-37-250. Voluntary spending limits.