Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Organization and Trustees

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20-15-201. Requirements for organization of community college district.
20-15-202. Petition for organization of community college district.
20-15-203. Call of community college district organization election -- proposition statement.
20-15-204. Election of trustees -- districts from which elected -- terms of office.
20-15-205. Repealed.
20-15-206. Repealed.
20-15-207. Notice of organization election.
20-15-208. Conduct of community college district elections -- cost.
20-15-209. Determination of approval or disapproval of proposition -- subsequent procedures if approved.
20-15-210. Qualification and organization of board of trustees.
20-15-211. through reserved.
20-15-219. Qualifications for office of trustee -- declaration of candidacy.
20-15-220. Trustee election ballot.
20-15-221. Election of trustees after organization of community college district.
20-15-222. Results of election -- qualifying oath -- term of office.
20-15-223. Vacancies.
20-15-224. Board of trustees -- organization, meetings, quorum, mileage, and seal.
20-15-225. Powers and duties of trustees.
20-15-226. Personal liability of trustees.
20-15-227. Trustee removal procedure.
20-15-228. Grounds for removal.
20-15-229. Audit of district.
20-15-230. reserved.
20-15-231. Annexation of territory of districts to community college district.
20-15-232. through reserved.
20-15-241. Community college service regions -- creation.