Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Miscellaneous Provisions

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20-1-201. School officers not to act as agents.
20-1-202. Oath of office.
20-1-203. Delivering items to successor.
20-1-204. County attorney's duties.
20-1-205. Conflict of interest.
20-1-206. Disturbance of school -- penalty.
20-1-207. Penalty for violation of school laws.
20-1-208. Educational impact statements.
20-1-209. Judicial enforcement.
20-1-210. Nonfaculty coaches in private high schools.
20-1-211. Expenses of officers or employees attending conventions -- educational associations.
20-1-212. Destruction of records by school officer.
20-1-213. Transfer of school records.
20-1-214. School crossing guards.
20-1-215. through reserved.
20-1-220. Use of tobacco product in public school building or on public school property prohibited.
20-1-221. through reserved.
20-1-225. Compliance with Military Selective Service Act for postsecondary financial assistance -- rulemaking -- definitions.
20-1-226. through reserved.
20-1-230. Enactment -- Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children -- provisions.
20-1-231. Report to legislature.