Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. School District Trustees

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20-3-301. Election and term of office.
20-3-302. Legislative intent to elect less than majority of trustees.
20-3-303. Term of vacated trustee position after election.
20-3-304. Repealed.
20-3-305. Candidate qualification, filing deadline, and withdrawal.
20-3-306. Conduct of election.
20-3-307. Qualification and oath.
20-3-308. Vacancy of trustee position.
20-3-309. Filling vacated trustee position -- appointee qualification and term of office.
20-3-310. Trustee removal.
20-3-311. Trustee travel reimbursement and compensation of secretary for joint board.
20-3-312. Trustees of district affected by boundary change.
20-3-313. Election by acclamation -- notice.
20-3-314. through reserved.
20-3-321. Organization and officers.
20-3-322. Meetings and quorum.
20-3-323. District policy and record of acts.
20-3-324. Powers and duties.
20-3-325. Clerk of district.
20-3-326. through reserved.
20-3-330. District self-funded health benefit plan reserve funds -- exception for dissolution of plan.
20-3-331. Purchase of insurance -- self-insurance plan.
20-3-332. Personal immunity of trustees.
20-3-333. Repealed.
20-3-334. and reserved.
20-3-336. Single-member trustee districts -- legislative intent -- minority defined.
20-3-337. Plan for creating single-member trustee districts -- petition election.
20-3-338. Trustees elected by single-member district.
20-3-339. and reserved.
20-3-341. Number of trustee positions in elementary districts -- transition.
20-3-342. Determination of terms after consolidation of elementary districts.
20-3-343. Determination of terms after change of district classification.
20-3-344. Repealed.
20-3-345. through reserved.
20-3-351. Number of trustee positions in high school districts.
20-3-352. Request and determination of number of high school district additional trustee positions -- nonvoting trustee.
20-3-353. Establishment and purpose of trustee nominating districts.
20-3-354. Redetermination of additional trustee positions and subsequent adjustments.
20-3-355. Determination of terms after establishment or reestablishment of additional trustee positions.
20-3-356. Membership of elected trustees of county high school district and nomination of candidates.
20-3-357. through reserved.
20-3-361. Joint board of trustees organization and voting membership.
20-3-362. Powers of joint board of trustees.
20-3-363. Multidistrict agreements -- fund transfers.