Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 6. School Property

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20-6-601. Power to accept gifts.
20-6-602. Trustees' power over property.
20-6-603. Trustees' authority to acquire or dispose of sites and buildings -- when election required.
20-6-604. Sale of property when resolution passed after hearing -- appeal procedure.
20-6-605. Land acquired by conditional deed or at will or sufferance.
20-6-606. Letting contracts for school facilities.
20-6-607. Leasing district property and disposition of any rentals.
20-6-608. Authority and duty of trustees to insure district property.
20-6-609. Trustees' authority to acquire property by lease-purchase agreement.
20-6-610. through reserved.
20-6-621. Selection of school sites -- approval election.
20-6-622. Review and approval of school building plans and specifications.
20-6-623. Repealed.
20-6-624. School building plans and specifications approval before payment.
20-6-625. Authorization to lease buildings or land for school purposes.
20-6-626. through reserved.
20-6-630. Repealed.
20-6-631. When contracts for architectural services required.
20-6-632. Repealed.
20-6-633. Hiring for architectural services authorized.
20-6-634. Tentative and final proposals -- public meetings.
20-6-635. Contracts with Montana firms encouraged.
20-6-636. Prohibition against contingent fees -- penalty.
20-6-637. through reserved.
20-6-640. Long-term loans.