Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 1. School Budgets

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20-9-101. Application of budget system for districts and counties.
20-9-102. General supervision of school budgeting system.
20-9-103. School budget form.
20-9-104. General fund operating reserve.
20-9-105. Repealed.
20-9-106. through reserved.
20-9-111. Repealed.
20-9-112. Repealed.
20-9-113. Repealed.
20-9-114. Repealed.
20-9-115. Notice of final budget meeting.
20-9-116. through reserved.
20-9-121. County treasurer's statement of cash balances and bond information.
20-9-122. Statement of district, city, and town valuations.
20-9-123. Repealed.
20-9-124. through reserved.
20-9-130. District obligation for students in youth detention facility.
20-9-131. Final budget meeting.
20-9-132. Final budget adjustment procedures.
20-9-133. Adoption and expenditure limitations of final budget.
20-9-134. Completion, filing, and delivery of final budgets.
20-9-135. through reserved.
20-9-140. Terminated.
20-9-141. Computation of general fund net levy requirement by county superintendent.
20-9-142. Fixing and levying taxes by board of county commissioners.
20-9-143. Allocation of federal funds in lieu of property taxation.
20-9-144. reserved.
20-9-145. Repealed.
20-9-146. reserved.
20-9-147. Repealed.
20-9-148. through reserved.
20-9-151. Budgeting procedure for joint districts.
20-9-152. Fixing and levying taxes for joint districts.
20-9-153. through reserved.
20-9-161. Definition of budget amendment for budgeting purposes.
20-9-162. Authorization for budget amendment adoption.
20-9-163. Resolution for budget amendment -- petition to superintendent of public instruction.
20-9-164. Notice of budget amendment resolution.
20-9-165. Budget amendment limitation, preparation, and adoption procedures.
20-9-166. State financial aid for budget amendments.
20-9-167. Repealed.
20-9-168. Emergency budget amendment tax levy.