Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. Funding of Basic System of Quality Public Schools

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20-9-301. Repealed.
20-9-302. School isolation.
20-9-303. Nonisolated school BASE budget funding -- special education funds.
20-9-304. Repealed.
20-9-305. Proration and calculation of BASE funding program for joint district.
20-9-306. Definitions.
20-9-307. Repealed.
20-9-308. BASE budgets and maximum general fund budgets.
20-9-309. Basic system of free quality public elementary and secondary schools defined -- identifying educationally relevant factors -- establishment of funding formula and budgetary structure -- legislative review.
20-9-310. Oil and natural gas production taxes for school districts -- allocation and limits.
20-9-311. Calculation of average number belonging (ANB) -- 3-year averaging.
20-9-312. Repealed.
20-9-313. Circumstances under which regular average number belonging may be increased.
20-9-314. Procedures for determining eligibility and amount of increased average number belonging due to unusual enrollment increase.
20-9-315. Repealed.
20-9-316. Repealed.
20-9-317. Repealed.
20-9-318. Repealed.
20-9-319. Repealed.
20-9-320. Repealed.
20-9-321. Allowable cost payment for special education.
20-9-322. Repealed.
20-9-323. Ending fund balance limits.
20-9-324. reserved.
20-9-325. Data-for-achievement payment.
20-9-326. Annual inflation-related adjustments to basic entitlements and per-ANB entitlements.
20-9-327. Quality educator payment.
20-9-328. At-risk student payment.
20-9-329. Indian education for all payment.
20-9-330. American Indian achievement gap payment.
20-9-331. Basic county tax for elementary equalization and other revenue for county equalization of elementary BASE funding program.
20-9-332. Fines and penalties proceeds for elementary county equalization.
20-9-333. Basic county tax for high school equalization and other revenue for county equalization of high school BASE funding program.
20-9-334. Repealed.
20-9-335. Formula for apportionment of county equalization money.
20-9-336. through reserved.
20-9-341. Definition of interest and income money.
20-9-342. Deposit of interest and income money by state board of land commissioners.
20-9-343. Definition of and revenue for state equalization aid.
20-9-344. Duties of board of public education for distribution of BASE aid.
20-9-345. Repealed.
20-9-346. Duties of superintendent of public instruction for state and county equalization aid distribution.
20-9-347. Distribution of BASE aid and special education allowable cost payments in support of BASE funding program -- exceptions.
20-9-348. Estimation of state equalization aid for budget purposes.
20-9-349. and reserved.
20-9-351. Funding of deficiency in BASE aid.
20-9-352. Repealed.
20-9-353. Additional financing for general fund -- election for authorization to impose.
20-9-354. through reserved.
20-9-360. State equalization aid levy.
20-9-361. County equalization revenue.
20-9-362. through reserved.
20-9-366. Definitions.
20-9-367. Eligibility to receive guaranteed tax base aid or state advance or reimbursement for school facilities.
20-9-368. Amount of guaranteed tax base aid.
20-9-369. Duties of superintendent of public instruction and department of revenue.
20-9-370. Definitions.
20-9-371. Calculation and uses of school facility entitlement amount.
20-9-372. through reserved.
20-9-375. Repealed.
20-9-376. Purpose of increased funding beyond inflation.