Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 4. School Bonds

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20-9-401. Applicable laws for school district bonding.
20-9-402. Definition of school district for bonding purposes.
20-9-403. Bond issues for certain purposes.
20-9-404. Contracts and bonds for joint construction.
20-9-405. Proportional joint ownership -- disposition of money.
20-9-406. Limitations on amount of bond issue -- definition of federal impact aid basic support payment -- oil and natural gas payment.
20-9-407. Industrial facility agreement for bond issue in excess of maximum.
20-9-408. Definition of forms of bonds.
20-9-409. Repealed.
20-9-410. Limitation of term and interest -- timing for redemption.
20-9-411. Dates of issue and payments.
20-9-412. Issuance of refunding bonds without election.
20-9-413. through reserved.
20-9-421. Election to authorize the issuance of school district bonds and the methods of introduction.
20-9-422. Additional requirements for trustees' resolution calling bond election.
20-9-423. Form, contents, and circularization of petition proposing school district bond election.
20-9-424. Validation of petition -- election administrator's certificate.
20-9-425. Trustees' consideration of validated petition proposing bond election.
20-9-426. Preparation and form of ballots for bond election.
20-9-427. Notice of bond election by separate purpose.
20-9-428. Determination of approval or rejection of proposition at bond election.
20-9-429. Trustees' resolution to issue school district bonds pursuant to public sale.
20-9-430. Sale of school district bonds and notice of public sale.
20-9-431. Publication of notice of sale of school district bonds.
20-9-432. Sale of school district bonds.
20-9-433. Form and execution of school district bonds.
20-9-434. Registration of school district bonds by county treasurer and copy for preservation.
20-9-435. Delivery of school district bonds and disposition of sale money.
20-9-436. County attorney to assist in proceedings.
20-9-437. School district liable on bonds.
20-9-438. Preparation of general obligation debt service fund budget -- operating reserve.
20-9-439. Computation of net levy requirement for general obligation bonds -- procedure when levy inadequate.
20-9-440. Payment of debt service obligations -- termination of interest.
20-9-441. Redemption of bonds -- investment of debt service fund money.
20-9-442. Entries of payments and notification of school district.
20-9-443. Disposition of remaining debt service fund.
20-9-444. Liability of officers for failure to provide fund for payment of bonds.
20-9-445. Liability for misuse of bond payment fund.
20-9-446. Duty of county attorney to prosecute.
20-9-447. through reserved.
20-9-451. Repealed.
20-9-452. Repealed.
20-9-453. Repealed.
20-9-454. Repealed.
20-9-455. Repealed.
20-9-456. Repealed.
20-9-457. through reserved.
20-9-461. Purpose.
20-9-462. Repealed.
20-9-463. Repealed.
20-9-464. Statute of limitations -- action to test validity.
20-9-465. Action to restrain bond issue -- time for bringing.
20-9-466. Repealed.
20-9-467. Repealed.
20-9-468. through reserved.
20-9-471. Issuance of obligations -- authorization -- conditions.
20-9-472. Security for impact aid revenue bonds -- agreement of state.
20-9-473. Security for oil and natural gas revenue bonds.
20-9-474. Oil and natural gas revenue bond debt service reserve account.