Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 5. Special Purpose Funds

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20-9-501. Retirement costs and retirement fund.
20-9-502. Purpose and authorization of building reserve fund by election -- levy for school transition costs.
20-9-503. Budgeting, tax levy, and use of building reserve fund.
20-9-504. Extracurricular fund for pupil functions.
20-9-505. Purpose and establishment of nonoperating fund.
20-9-506. Budgeting and net levy requirement for nonoperating fund.
20-9-507. Miscellaneous programs fund.
20-9-508. Building fund.
20-9-509. Lease or rental agreement fund.
20-9-510. Traffic education fund.
20-9-511. Interlocal cooperative fund.
20-9-512. Compensated absence liability fund.
20-9-513. Repealed.
20-9-514. Impact aid fund.
20-9-515. Litigation reserve fund.
20-9-516. School facility and technology account.
20-9-517. State school oil and natural gas impact account.
20-9-518. County school oil and natural gas impact fund.
20-9-519. reserved.
20-9-520. State school oil and natural gas distribution account.
20-9-521. Montana support for schools special revenue account.
20-9-522. through reserved.
20-9-531. Repealed.
20-9-532. Repealed.
20-9-533. Technology acquisition and depreciation fund -- limitations.
20-9-534. Statutory appropriation for school technology purposes.
20-9-535. and reserved.
20-9-537. Montana Indian language preservation program.
20-9-538. through reserved.
20-9-541. Definitions.
20-9-542. School flexibility account -- distribution of funds.
20-9-543. School flexibility fund -- uses.
20-9-544. District school flexibility fund levy.
20-9-545. through reserved.
20-9-570. Statewide average per-pupil spending.