Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part Rules. Rules

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Rule 1. Title and scope.
Rule 2. Parties - amicus curiae - captions.
Rule 3. Interpretation of time requirements.
Rule 4. How and when to take an appeal or cross-appeal.
Rule 5. Proceeding without the required filing fee.
Rule 6. Application of these rules.
Rule 7. Mandatory appellate alternative dispute resolution.
Rule 8. The record.
Rule 9. Transmission of the record and other matters relating to the record on appeal.
Rule 10. Filing and service of papers - generally.
Rule 11. Form of briefs and other papers - duplication.
Rule 12. Briefs.
Rule 13. Filing and service of briefs.
Rule 14. Jurisdiction - extraordinary writs - supervisory control - original proceedings.
Rule 15. Certification of questions of law.
Rule 16. Motions.
Rule 17. Oral arguments.
Rule 18. Media access to court proceedings.
Rule 19. Relief.
Rule 20. Petitions for rehearing.
Rule 21. Remittitur.
Rule 22. Stay of judgment or order pending appeal.
Rule 23. Undertaking for costs on appeal.
Rule 24. Sureties.
Rule 25. Substitution of parties in civil cases - acts of personal representatives or guardians when appointment vacated.
Rule 26. Extension of time.
Rule 27. Notice involving constitutional questions where the state is not a party.
Rule 28. Minutes of supreme court.
Rule 29. Suspension of the rules.
Rule 30. Judicial waiver appeals.
Rule 100. Forms.