Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 7. Remedies

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30-2-701. Remedies for breach of collateral contracts not impaired.
30-2-702. Seller's remedies on discovery of buyer's insolvency.
30-2-703. Seller's remedies in general.
30-2-704. Seller's right to identify goods to the contract notwithstanding breach or to salvage unfinished goods.
30-2-705. Seller's stoppage of delivery in transit or otherwise.
30-2-706. Seller's resale including contract for resale.
30-2-707. "Person in the position of a seller".
30-2-708. Seller's damages for nonacceptance or repudiation.
30-2-709. Action for the price.
30-2-710. Seller's incidental damages.
30-2-711. Buyer's remedies in general -- buyer's security interest in rejected goods.
30-2-712. "Cover" -- buyer's procurement of substitute goods.
30-2-713. Buyer's damages for nondelivery or repudiation.
30-2-714. Buyer's damages for breach in regard to accepted goods.
30-2-715. Buyer's incidental and consequential damages.
30-2-716. Buyer's right to specific performance or recovery of goods.
30-2-717. Deduction of damages from the price.
30-2-718. Liquidation or limitation of damages -- deposits.
30-2-719. Contractual modification or limitation of remedy.
30-2-720. Effect of "cancellation" or "rescission" on claims for antecedent breach.
30-2-721. Remedies for fraud.
30-2-722. Who can sue third parties for injury to goods.
30-2-723. Proof of market price -- time and place.
30-2-724. Admissibility of market quotations.
30-2-725. Statute of limitations in contracts for sale.