Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 13. Supervision, Rehabilitation, and Liquidation

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33-2-1301. Short title.
33-2-1302. Construction and purpose.
33-2-1303. Definitions.
33-2-1304. To whom proceedings may be applied.
33-2-1305. Who may bring action -- procedure exclusive.
33-2-1306. Personal jurisdiction.
33-2-1307. Stay pending out-of-state proceedings.
33-2-1308. Venue.
33-2-1309. Injunctions and orders.
33-2-1310. Cooperation of officers, owners, and employees.
33-2-1311. Repealed.
33-2-1312. through reserved.
33-2-1321. Commissioner's summary orders and supervision proceedings.
33-2-1322. Court's seizure order.
33-2-1323. Confidentiality of proceedings.
33-2-1324. through reserved.
33-2-1331. Grounds for rehabilitation.
33-2-1332. Rehabilitation orders.
33-2-1333. Powers and duties of the rehabilitator.
33-2-1334. Effect of proceedings on pending and potential litigation.
33-2-1335. Standing of guaranty associations in proceedings.
33-2-1336. Termination of rehabilitation.
33-2-1337. through reserved.
33-2-1341. Grounds for liquidation.
33-2-1342. Liquidation orders.
33-2-1343. Continuance of policy coverage.
33-2-1344. Dissolution of insurer.
33-2-1345. Powers of liquidator.
33-2-1346. Notice to creditors and others.
33-2-1347. Duty of insurance producers to give notice.
33-2-1348. Effect of proceedings on pending and potential litigation -- actions by liquidator.
33-2-1349. Standing of guaranty associations in proceedings.
33-2-1350. Collection and listing of assets.
33-2-1351. Fraudulent transfers prior to petition.
33-2-1352. Fraudulent transfer after petition.
33-2-1353. Voidable preferences and liens.
33-2-1354. Procedure for voiding preferences and liens.
33-2-1355. Set off for further credit given in good faith.
33-2-1356. Transactions to pay for attorneys' services.
33-2-1357. Personal liability.
33-2-1358. Claims of holders of void or voidable rights.
33-2-1359. Setoffs.
33-2-1360. Assessments against members of insurer.
33-2-1361. Reinsurer's liability.
33-2-1362. Recovery of premiums owed.
33-2-1363. Domiciliary liquidator's proposal to distribute assets.
33-2-1364. Filing of claims.
33-2-1365. Proof of claim.
33-2-1366. Special claims.
33-2-1367. Claims of insureds or claimants against insureds.
33-2-1368. Disputed claims.
33-2-1369. Claims of sureties.
33-2-1370. Claims of secured creditors.
33-2-1371. Priority of distribution.
33-2-1372. Liquidator's recommendations to the court concerning claims.
33-2-1373. Distribution of assets.
33-2-1374. Unclaimed and withheld funds.
33-2-1375. Termination of liquidation proceedings.
33-2-1376. Reopening liquidation.
33-2-1377. Disposition of records during and after liquidation.
33-2-1378. Audit of the receiver's books.
33-2-1379. Conservation of property of foreign or alien insurers.
33-2-1380. Liquidation of assets of foreign or alien insurers.
33-2-1381. Domiciliary liquidators in other states.
33-2-1382. Ancillary formal proceedings.
33-2-1383. Ancillary summary proceedings.
33-2-1384. Claims of nonresidents against insurers domiciled in this state.
33-2-1385. Claims of residents against insurers domiciled in reciprocal states.
33-2-1386. Exemption from legal process during pendency of liquidation.
33-2-1387. Interstate priorities.
33-2-1388. Subordination of claims for noncooperation of ancillary receiver.
33-2-1389. and reserved.
33-2-1391. Condition on release from delinquency proceedings.
33-2-1392. Indemnification of rehabilitator, liquidator, and employees -- persons covered.
33-2-1393. Indemnification of rehabilitator, liquidator, and employees.
33-2-1394. Settlement of actions against rehabilitator, liquidator, and employees -- court approval -- applicability.