Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 5. Uninsured Employers

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39-71-501. Definition of uninsured employer.
39-71-502. Repealed.
39-71-503. Uninsured employers' fund -- purpose and administration of fund -- maintaining balance for administrative costs -- appropriation.
39-71-504. Funding of fund -- option for agreement between department and injured employee.
39-71-505. Applicability of other provisions of chapter to fund.
39-71-506. Lien for payment of unpaid penalties, fees, and interest -- levy and execution.
39-71-507. Department to order uninsured employer to cease operations -- noncompliance with order a misdemeanor -- coordination of remedies.
39-71-508. Coordination of remedies -- limitation of liability of employee to third-party providers -- rights of third-party providers.
39-71-509. Action against uninsured employer -- limitation of employer's defenses.
39-71-510. Limitation on benefit entitlement under fund.
39-71-511. Setoffs to claim against fund.
39-71-512. through reserved.
39-71-515. Independent cause of action.
39-71-516. District court venue and jurisdiction for independent cause of action.
39-71-517. Requirement to serve papers.
39-71-518. Setoffs against remaining liability.
39-71-519. Settlement.
39-71-520. Time limit to appeal to mediation -- petitioning workers' compensation court -- failure to settle or petition.
39-71-521. Burden of proof -- insurance coverage.
39-71-522. Inspection of construction sites -- public policy -- penalty.
39-71-523. and reserved.
39-71-525. Confidentiality of records -- exception for use by public employees.
39-71-526. through reserved.
39-71-531. Repealed.
39-71-532. Repealed.
39-71-533. Repealed.
39-71-534. Repealed.
39-71-535. Collection of penalties, claim costs, late fees, and interest -- liability for payment of collection costs.
39-71-536. through reserved.
39-71-541. Uninsured employer as party to benefits disputes -- indemnification by uninsured employer for benefits paid -- lien for payment -- levy and execution.