Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 6. Claims for Benefits

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39-71-601. Statute of limitation on presentment of claim -- waiver.
39-71-602. Statute of limitation not to apply during minority or mental incompetency unless guardian appointed.
39-71-603. Notice of injuries other than death to be submitted within 30 days -- exception.
39-71-604. Application for compensation -- disclosure and communication without prior notice of health care information.
39-71-605. Examination of employee by physician -- effect of refusal to submit to examination -- report and testimony of physician -- cost.
39-71-606. Insurer to accept or deny claim within 30 days of receipt -- notice of benefits and entitlements to claimants -- notice of denial -- notice of reopening -- notice to employer -- employer's right to loss information.
39-71-607. Suspension of payments by insurer pending receipt of medical information.
39-71-608. Payments within 30 days by insurer without admission of liability or waiver of defense authorized -- notice -- limitations on payments over 90 days.
39-71-609. Denial of claim after payments made or termination of all benefits or reduction to partial benefits by insurer -- 14-day notice required -- criteria for conversion of benefits.
39-71-610. Termination of benefits by insurer -- department order to pay disputed benefits prior to hearing or mediation -- limitation on order -- right of reimbursement.
39-71-611. Costs and attorney fees payable on denial of claim or termination of benefits later found compensable -- barring of attorney fees under common fund and other doctrines.
39-71-612. Costs and attorney fees that may be assessed against insurer by workers' compensation judge -- barring of attorney fees under common fund or other doctrines.
39-71-613. Regulation of attorney fees -- forfeiture of fee for noncompliance -- return of fee when claimant received benefits through fraud or deception.
39-71-614. Calculation of attorney fees -- limitation.
39-71-615. Payment of medical claims without acceptance of liability.