Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 9. Subsequent Injury Received by Vocationally Handicapped

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39-71-901. Definitions.
39-71-902. Repealed.
39-71-903. Procedure.
39-71-904. Rules for certification.
39-71-905. Certification as person with disability -- eligibility for benefits under fund.
39-71-906. Repealed.
39-71-907. Certified person with a disability to be compensated for injury as provided by chapter -- insurer liability for compensation limited.
39-71-908. Notification of fund of its potential liability under part -- review by fund.
39-71-909. Effect of fund's failure to give notification of its intent to dispute liability -- subsequent notification by fund authorized.
39-71-910. Repealed.
39-71-911. Obligation to make payments on behalf of fund not independent liability.
39-71-912. Reimbursement to be promptly made.
39-71-913. Repealed.
39-71-914. Repealed.
39-71-915. Assessment of insurer -- employers -- definition -- collection.
39-71-916. Reimbursement of subsequent injury fund -- effect on claims experience rating.
39-71-917. through reserved.
39-71-920. Concurrence of fund in settlements.