Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. Theft and Related Offenses

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45-6-301. Theft.
45-6-302. Theft of lost or mislaid property.
45-6-303. Offender's interest in the property.
45-6-304. Repealed.
45-6-305. Theft of labor or services or use of property.
45-6-306. Obtaining communication services with intent to defraud.
45-6-307. Aiding the avoidance of telecommunications charges.
45-6-308. Unauthorized use of motor vehicles.
45-6-309. Failure to return rented or leased personal property.
45-6-310. Definition -- computer use.
45-6-311. Unlawful use of a computer.
45-6-312. Unauthorized acquisition or transfer of food stamps.
45-6-313. Medicaid fraud.
45-6-314. Theft by disposal of stolen property.
45-6-315. Defrauding creditors.
45-6-316. Issuing a bad check.
45-6-317. Deceptive practices.
45-6-318. Deceptive business practices.
45-6-319. Chain distributor schemes.
45-6-320. Theft of nonferrous metal.
45-6-321. through reserved.
45-6-325. Forgery.
45-6-326. Obscuring identity of machine.
45-6-327. Illegal branding or altering or obscuring of brand.
45-6-328. Forfeiture for theft of commonly domesticated hoofed animal or illegal branding or altering or obscuring of brand.
45-6-329. Disposition of property and proceeds of sale.
45-6-330. and reserved.
45-6-332. Theft of identity.
45-6-333. Exploitation of older person, incapacitated person, or person with developmental disability.
45-6-334. through reserved.
45-6-341. Money laundering.